Rachel Spring and the Proclamation by Marilyn Barry

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Published by Inner Way Productions.
Paperback - 160 pages.
Price GBP: £8.00 / US$12.50

ISBN: 978-0-9530811-5-8

When 12-year-old Rachel Spring is sent from England to California to live with her cousin, Hetty Slymer, she does not realize just how much her life is going to change. She makes friends with Aaron, Hetty’s son from a previous marriage to Spike, an eccentric inventor, who is attempting to solve the world’s environmental problems. Her other friends include Pearl, a homeless teenager living on the streets of L.A., and Gideon whose large chaotic family bring warmth and Rachel’s first experience of falling in love.

Rachel talks to nature spirits and her deceased mother who teach her the true meaning of life. Her inner world both nourishes and bewilders her as her outer world changes and presents her with many challenges, but this is no ordinary coming-of-age story.On a camping trip with her friends to the mysterious mountain behind Spike’s ramshackle house, their lives are changed for ever after an extraordinary encounter.

A wonderful world of fantasy mixed in with teenage and pubescent realities. Magical but with no sentimental slush, this is the perfect book for younger readers before they reach Twilight and the next stage in their reading lives.

William Bloom, author of The Power of Modern Spirituality, The Endorphin Effect
and Working With Angels, Fairies and Nature Spirits


Readers' comments:

I started reading the book in the afternoon and I finished it in the evening. I hadn't planned to read it in such a brief time, but one of its great strengths is that it's compelling. I kept wanting to see what would happen next, which is certainly true of the ending, too.  I'm eager to read the next in the trilogy. Another major strength is, I came to care about the characters. I could have easily enjoyed a book twice as long,
with more detail of the relationships and interactions of the major characters.  This tells me that both the characters and the plot lead me to want to get right to part II of the trilogy. Congratulations. It's wonderful!

- Doug Russell

A great message for young people wanting to know how to help the earth and create a better future. It will also give them a greater sense of meaning and an understanding of what life is about in the 21st century.
- Rosita Gaston

Wonderful book filled with everything you would want your daughter to know - family relationships, environmental issues and the love of nature, romantic love, jealousy, and loss, and all bound together in an engaging story that creates a really enjoyable read. The author, Marilyn Barry, hits just the right note!
- Elaine Walker

I absolutely loved the ideas in the book, it's a whole combination of friendship, young love and some fantastic magical/spiritual ideas that are totally believable and really well thought out and put across. My daughter Ophelia can learn a lot from reading Marilyn's book, the style of writing keeps you reading and I just loved the characters. Please can you tell Marilyn thank you sooooooooo much. I will recommend it to anyone to read, especially in Ophelia's age group – really really good!!!
Jo Giles

Marilyn's novels for teenagers embody important spiritual and ecological issues. All this and she has a wicked sense of humour too!
– Sandra Kramer


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