Being Here When I Need Me by Vivian King Ph.D

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Published by Inner Way Productions.
Paperback - 200 pages.
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ISBN: 0953081117

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On the dusty, bumpy road of life, who is there when you need someone? When you're alone ... when you're sick ... when you want to create or when you want to celebrate, who is there to share your ups and downs?

Being Here When I Need Me is a journey into the heartland of yourself, where you will meet your inner healer, creative genie and beloved Self, who is always here to love, understand and support you. With its unique combination of mysticism and science, this book will help bring you home to the Self.

As you rest in the meadow by the brook, make your way through the forest, and climb the mountain of your mind, you will discover what is profoundly meaningful and holy. Learning to be here for yourself, you will no longer be dependent on material things or on other people. You will have the inner strength to be with others without losing your sacred centre. You will never need to walk alone again.

"Being Here When I Need Me provides a natural way to open to your higher Self. It is down-to-earth, comprehensive, clarifying, and powerful. Vivian King's approach to Psychosynthesis is both inspirational and scholarly. I highly recommend this book to those committed to personal and spiritual growth and to all humanity."

Edith Stauffer, Ph.D.
Founder / Director of Psychosynthesis International
Author of
Unconditional Love and Forgiveness

Some readers' comments about Being Here When I Need Me

"I began underlining with a marker until I realized I was marking the whole page."

"A simple, practical, pragmatic way to open to the Higher Self."

"Your writing helps me regain my faith in myself, in life and in God's presence."

"A blend between prose and a literary novel. It doesn't have an arid feeling like most structured material has."

"This book is not for wimps."

About the Author

Vivian King, like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, grew up on a farm in Kansas. Along the yellow brick road, she was trained as a psychiatric nurse and a psychotherapist, specializing in Psychosynthesis, a transpersonal psychology. Her experience as director of Psychosynthesis education and counselling programmes for over twelve years inspired her to write Being Here When I Need Me.
She travelled throughout the USA, the Baltics and Russia, where she conducted workshops on Psychosynthesis using the metaphor of the 'Inner Theatre', before a tragic car crash ended her physical life in 2000.

Click here to download a document about ongoing contact with Vivian after her death, compiled by Marilyn Barry.

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