Inside the Great Pyramid

The pyramids, especially the Great Pyramid on the Giza plateau, have always been a source of mystery and awe. Their alignment with Sirius and Orion's Belt was obviously intended, but they were not built as tombs. The Great Pyramid, with its precise geometry, is an initiation chamber designed to take initiates on a journey through time. It is a time-capsule, with the King's Chamber as its launching pad, aimed at the stars.

My memories of a life in ancient Egypt began in childhood when I knew something highly significant had happened to me in Egypt. I finally found the missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle when I arrived in California in 1985 to study Psychosynthesis, a spiritual therapy which explores the psyche through imagery and guided meditations. Revelations began when my teacher offered me a room in her house in exchange for cleaning. The house was strangely familiar to me. Then I remembered a dream I'd had six years previously when I was in Jungian analysis. In the dream I was in this house emptying a bucket of dirty water into a deep enamel sink. I then walked along a narrow corridor into the room which was now my bedroom. In my dream a recently vacated bed was bathed in golden sunlight and a man dressed in black was standing in the doorway. Embracing me he said, “You don't remember me, do you?”

I knew this was an important dream because of its numinous quality, but I had no idea then that I would one day live in this house and empty buckets of dirty water into a deep enamel sink, which I did every week when I washed the floors. My bedroom was at the end of a narrow corridor leading off the kitchen exactly as it was in my dream.

Within two months the man from my dream stood in the doorway of my room wearing black, and heralded the arrival in my psyche of an ancient Egyptian priestess who said her name was Sheta Nut. In ancient Egypt Nut was a sky goddess, and she told me her name meant Secret of the Sky. She said she had travelled into the future to find me because I would be able to help her fulfill the two promises she had made. One was to the Goddess Isis and the other was to her lover, Akara, whom she had promised to find in the future. He was the man in black standing in my doorway.

Within six months I had typed Sheta Nut's story, which included meetings with angels and nature spirits, a search for the planetary kundalini, and attendance at a Galactic Gathering behind the Moon.

Sheta Nut had lived during the reign of Akhenaten and spent her life preparing for what she called Final Initiation, which involved being entombed alive in the King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid. Candidates who survived the experience became High Priests and Priestesses because the initiation had enabled them to travel beyond time to commune with the gods in the heavenly realms. Many people died during this dangerous initiation rite.

Sheta Nut said her final preparations were made in Heliopolis where she fasted, was cleansed, and took a temporary vow of celibacy. She was then taken by boat to the Giza plateau, where she entered an underground causeway situated beneath the Sphinx, which ran under the plateau and into the Great Pyramid. She was taken to the Queen's Chamber, and from there through the Grand Gallery to the King's Chamber where she was placed in the sarcophagus. After a lid had been lowered into place, her travels began: first through the underworld and then into the past and the future.

Sheta Nut discovered that she had travelled to this planet from beyond the stars, via Sirius, where she and her fellow travellers were briefed. She described her life in Lemuria and Atlantis, and her escape to Egypt before the cataclysm which destroyed Atlantis. On her third day of entombment, after travelling into the past, she climbed a tower and met Isis who asked her to travel into the future with the knowledge she had gained. She explained how she died when her Ka (etheric body) crashed onto the lid of the sarcophagus after she had jumped from the tower. She jumped wen the tower caught fire, and as she fell she remembered that the fire was her awakened kundalini. This is interesting because after the dream I had a repetitive nightmare that I was falling through fire remembering what I had forgotten to remember.

When my Psychosynthesis training ended I returned to Scotland to build up my practice. Sheta Nut's story was placed in a closet where it remained for two years. In 1989 I received a mysterious telephone call from Egypt. A stranger, the wife of an English engineer contracted to build a new sewer under Cairo, had met a client of mine on the Giza plateau and wanted to offer me a house overlooking the Great Pyramid which her family used as a weekend retreat. When I had recovered from the shock, I accepted her offer and stayed in the house, which did indeed overlook the Great Pyramid. It was framed in the bedroom window.

As the Great Pyramid was being cleaned, it was closed to the public. Everyone I knew, including the engineer, applied for permission for me to enter, but the authorities refused. I was disappointed for several reasons. The Nile did not run anywhere near the Giza plateau and there was no sign of a causeway under the Sphinx. However, I did see a boat similar to the one described by Sheta Nut, which had been found buried in a stone pit beside the Great Pyramid. I also met an American Egyptologist who confirmed that Sheta Nut's name in ancient Egyptian meant Secret of the Sky.

After I found a book in which Herodotus described an underground causeway leading from the Nile to the Great Pyramid, I was even more determined to gain entry. Then I realised that I had not asked the Great Pyramid itself for permission to enter. I arrived during the workers' tea break and indicated that I wanted to enter. They replied in Arabic which a passerby translated for me. They were telling me to ask the Inspector of Giza and pointed to a building in the distance. To my astonishment the Inspector of Giza not only gave permission, he accompanied me and insisted on using my camera to take photographs of me inside the Queen's and King's Chambers. It was the most exhilarating experience of my life, and when I walked out afterwards into the bright Egyptian sunlight, I was both laughing and crying. Sheta Nut had not failed her initiation. She had merely entered the Great Pyramid in 1363 B.C. and emerged in 1989 A.D. with her memories intact.

Later that day when I was travelling in a car through Heliopolis it was involved in a crash. I thought this was bizarre considering what Sheta Nut had shared about her Ka (pronounced car) crashing onto the lid of the sarcophagus. The crash occurred in Heliopolis where she had been prepared for final initiation and where she broke her vow of celibacy with Akara, the mysterious man in black from my dream.

A recent seismic survey has revealed several unexplored tunnels and cavities beneath the Sphinx, including a large rectangular chamber beneath the monument's front paws. There is also a fresco in a temple at Abydos depicting airplanes, a helicopter, and what appear to be tanks facing an eagle. How else could the ancient Egyptians have known about twentieth century technology and America's confrontation with Iraq but through time-travel?

Fresco at Abydos

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