Transpersonal Development by Roberto Assagioli

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Published by Inner Way Productions.
Paperback - 300 pages
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ISBN: 9780953081127

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A new edition of the classic work by Roberto Assagioli

Roberto Assagioli was born in Venice in 1888. As a young medical student he introduced the discoveries of Sigmund Freud to his professors. However, he saw that psychoanalysis neglected the exploration of what Maslow, some sixty years later, would call ‘the farther reaches of human nature’.

Assagioli was ahead of his time and was not recognized until the late sixties when Psychosynthesis, his famous contribution to human understanding, was taken up by thousands of people around the world.

Psychosynthesis, a practical therapy designed to help people achieve their full potential, evolved out of fifty years of Roberto Assagioli’s psychospiritual reflections. The gems of this rich collection are presented here in Transpersonal Development.

Part One describes the reality of the superconscious. Part Two delves into the problems and difficulties experienced on the spiritual path. Part three deals with the everyday application of those insights gained in the process of spiritual awakening.

The inspiring message of this book is that transpersonal development is not just for the exceptional few. It is possible for everybody. Assagioli gives practical guidelines to help people achieve the goal. He presents a vision of the integration of cultural, scientific, and human aspects which can give birth to a new humanity.

What a wonderful production! The new edition of Transpersonal Development is a great achievement. I had never liked the previous edition because the translation, for me anyway, made Assagioli's book seem rather uninteresting. Not so now! The new translation is fresh and brings the words alive in a new way, and there are real gems in here. Even though I've read it before in previous translations, it is like having a 'new' Assagioli book ... amazing!
Will Parfitt, Psychosynthesis writer and educator




Preface by Sergio Bartoli.
Editor’s Introduction.

1. The Awakening and Development of Spiritual Consciousness,
2. The Superconscious,
3. Psychological Mountaineering,
4. Expanding the Consciousness: Conquering and Exploring the Worlds Within,
5. The Superconscious and Artistic Creation,
6. Transpersonal Inspiration,
7. Vertical Telepathy,
8. Symbols of Transpersonal Experience.

9. The Stages and Crises of Spiritual Awakening,
10. Spiritual Development and Neuro-Psychological Disturbances,
11. Mysticism and Medicine,
12. The Awakening of the Soul,
13. Purification of the Soul,
14. The Science of Applied Purification,
15. Obstacles to Spiritual Development: Fear,
16. The Fear of Suffering: Reflections on Pain,
17. Obstacles to Spiritual Development: Attachments,
18. Emotional and Mental Obstacles: Aggression and Criticism.

19. Twentieth Century Spirituality,
20. Transmutation and Sublimation of the Emotional and Sexual Energies,
21. Money and the Spiritual Life,
22. Martha and Mary: the Active Life – the Contemplative Life,
23. The Spiritual Elements in our Personality: Beauty,
24. The Spiritual Elements in our Personality: Love,
25. The Spiritual Elements in our Personality: Joy,
26. The Spiritual Elements in our Personality: Power and Will,
27. Reflections on Peace,
28. Smiling Wisdom.

1. The Spiritual Elements in our Personality: the Moral Sense,
2. The Spiritual Elements in our Personality: the Desire to Know and the Capacity for Knowledge.


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